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I still remember vividly what an emotional meltdown feels like. I know the ravages of riding the radical ups and downs of hormonal change, thinking it will never end. I also know how overwhelmed, lost, and desperate you can feel if you suffer alone. So join me as I share the wisdom I have gathered, along with profiles of women who have gone through my treatment program and are living happy, healthy lives. Knowledge is power, and I promise, the more you listen to, understand, and learn how to feed your body what it actually screams for, the faster you will regain control over your emotional ups and downs and physical discomfort and heal. May this book provide you with the information, inspiration, and support to pull yourself out of the trenches where you feel like you are falling apart and bring you to safe ground. Reclaim the feeling of balance and harmony that allows you to live the rest of your life to its fullest.

Mia Lundin
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The Female Brain Gone Insane
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An Emergency Guide for Women Who Feel Like They Are Falling Apart. This hands-on manual for women who feel like they are falling apart, losing it, or going "insane" focuses on the emotional symptoms of hormone and brain chemistry imbalances associated with the combination of stress-filled lives and life transitions such as PMS, perimenopause and menopause.